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Photo of young carers from Lewisham on a holiday club supported by Phoenix Community Housing
Chantelle Turner

Since 2016 Phoenix Community Housing has funded holiday clubs for young carers because, each year, our tenants vote in large numbers for the project. Chantelle Turner, from Carers Lewisham...

Scrutiny panel walking around doing an inspection
Eileen Davies

Hello residents, just a quick update from me to let you know that the Scrutiny Panel is still working hard to improve services for all residents and the neighbourhoods we live in. 

Our new review

We have now begun the new scrutiny review on “The Role of Housing...

The reopened Fellowship and Star in Bellingham
Jim Ripley

Jim Ripley, our Chief Executive, talks about the Fellowship’s journey from neglected pub to community hub.

Over 10 years ago, I visited the Fellowship with Lewisham and was shocked.

Mildew covered the walls. Rats and pigeons infested the building, while downstairs...

Photo of residents and staff at the Phoenix Academy
Anne McGurk

We have launched a new strategy to engage and empower people in our community, which will see residents and staff working together to achieve our goals. Tenant and Chair of our Board Anne McGurk explains why.

Phoenix Community Housing is the offspring of resident action,...

Photo of Phoenix Community Housing employees on the construction site at Nuthatch House
Adele Tribe

At Nuthatch House on Whitefoot Lane, our contractor Saltash is helping us build 22 new homes. Adele Tribe, a welfare labourer on the site and former tenant of Phoenix Community Housing, shares her experience of working as a woman in construction.

My career in construction...

Photo of a child enjoying Summer Fun at Bellingham Green
Annie Beaver

Annie Beaver is a stay at home mum to two young daughters – and, last year, the family had a brilliant day out at Summer Fun.

I really look forward to the summer holidays as it means I get the opportunity to spend lots of quality time with my daughters without the...

Photograph of someone on Bellingham Green
Zhane Lunan

Zhane Lunan is a lifelong Phoenix resident. Here, she explains why young people must be listened to.

I used to be shy and not confident when meeting new people. So when I heard Phoenix was creating a new group for young people, it seemed interesting to me.

It was a...

Oyindamola Jimoh

Oyindamola has been a Phoenix resident for years and discovered our Job Club in 2018. She went on to gain work experience with Phoenix and became optimistic about her dream career.

Ever since I was young, I’d always wanted to be a bank manager. I know, I know! But I’d...

Lakeisha Lynch-Stevens

Lakeisha Lynch-Stevens is a Phoenix tenant who got involved in the Fellowship project as an arts coordinator. In 2014, our Fellowship project set out to restore the historic pub and support arts projects. Lakeisha tells us how the project has already benefitted the community....

Deirdre Kennedy

Our Resident Scrutiny Panel takes a close look at Phoenix services to make sure they're working for residents and the organisation. One member Deirdre writes on the Panel's most recent review into the garden scheme.

Phoenix’s garden scheme: is it the best that it can be?...