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Image of a caretaker checking a fire alarm in a communal area
Carmen Simpson

Carmen Simpson is Vice Chair of Phoenix’s Board and a Phoenix tenant, in line with our resident-led model which means that the largest group on our Board are residents, and our Chair and Vice Chair will always be tenants.

As residents, we want more than just to have a house or a...

Phoenix Academy students graduate July 2018
Jim Ripley

If you’re in south London and pass our headquarters - The Green Man - you’ll see something inspiring and passionate that demolishes social housing stereotypes.

In our HQ you'll find a mixture of Phoenix Community Housing residents, staff and – from this year – people from outside our...

John Thompson at the Green Man for digital drop in session
John Thompson

A few years ago, I was invited to The Green Man. I assumed a session down the pub at someone else’s expense! On arrival and seeing no handpumps, it dawned on me that this wasn’t the hostelry I had once visited.

To my surprise it was now the newly built home of Phoenix Community Housing,...

A photo of Hazelhurst Court from Beckenham Hill train station
Jim Ripley

Margaret’s 93. She’s one of our first residents at Hazelhurst Court, our new extra care scheme and first residential development. If you were to meet her, she’d tell you how pleased she is with her new home. She’d also tell you why she was pleased to leave her old one:

“It was...

Andrea Scantlebury
Andrea Scantlebury

Andrea Scantlebury is an Events Apprentice in the Community Regeneration team at Phoenix, and a staff member on our Gateway Committee. She is also a Phoenix tenant, and was named the Chartered Institute of Housing’s London Apprentice of the Year 2018.

I was weighing up an...

Sharon O'Connor

Sharon is a Phoenix leaseholder and has been our Phoenix Energy Champion since November 2017, thanks to a grant from The Department of Business, Energy and
Industrial Strategy (DBEIS)

After a long and seemingly colder than normal winter, spring is in the air, and we can...

Deirdre Kennedy

The Digital Drop-in, at the hub within The Green Man, is where Amy Jeffrey, Asharne Litchmore and an army of volunteers help Phoenix tenants come to grips with the 21st century. Held on a Wednesday morning between 10am and noon, the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable. Filling in benefit forms...

Phoenix Community Housing Chief Executive Jim Ripley
Jim Ripley

As part of National Careers Week, Phoenix's Chief Executive Jim Ripley shares how he came to work in housing and his advice for those considering housing as a career.

How did you come to work in housing?

“From 15 I must have lived in so many places – the...

Gavin Rumble

Housing is a great career, and any skills you learn in housing you can transfer to any other role. It’s a good place for anyone to start – it’s got career progress, it’s got rewards, and you meet some great people.

I got my start in 2001 working as agency staff. I was doing normal admin...

Young Phoenix resident Mikey standing in a kitchen wearing an apron, looking at the camera and smiling.
Mikey Koranteng
Mikey Koranteng is a musician, student and Phoenix resident. He is part of the Young Makers’ Agency, Phoenix's community project for creative young residents. In our last resident blog to mark Phoenix's 10th birthday, Mikey talks about the future of our community. "The Young Makers’...