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Patricia Birch in the garden of her home in Downham
Patricia Birch

In the second of our blogs written by Phoenix residents who feature in our 10 Years Together exhibition, Patricia Birch - who has lived on the Downham Estate almost all her life, from long before...

Phoenix resident and former Chair Pat Fordham
Pat Fordham

This is the first of a series of Phoenix Voices blogs written by residents who feature in our 10 Years Together exhibition. Resident and founding Chair of Phoenix Pat Fordham tells the story of...

Tracy Blundell

Tracy’s currently doing work experience with our Community Regeneration team. After completing a European Computer Driving Licence course with us, she’s volunteered at our Digital Drop-in and has helped to support residents who’ve had changes in their housing benefits.



Ben Edwards consulting the Residents Communications about the new Phoenix Community Housing website
Ben Edwards

As you will have hopefully noticed, the Phoenix Community Housing website has recently undergone a bit of a makeover.

How does something like this happen? Who decides how it should look? What should it do?

Web design “standards” dictate a large portion of the fixtures and fittings...

Fellowship Inn
Lisa Vicary

The 1920s was a decade of contrasts. The First World War had ended in victory, peace had returned and with it, prosperity.

For some the war had proved to be very profitable. Nightclubs, jazz clubs and cocktail bars flourished in the cities bringing a new hedonistic drinking culture which...

Gail Nicholas and Sarah Thomas
Gail Nicholas

I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

One of my neighbours suggested I attend a meeting of Phoenix’s communications group. I was curious. I decided to go.

Just over four years later – in a couple of weeks’ time in fact – I’ll be proudly joining Phoenix’s board.

It’s been...

Anne McGurk
Anne McGurk

"This time next year Lewisham will have a newly elected Mayor.

"As candidates for this role begin to set out their plans and canvas for support throughout the borough, we wish them all the energy and determination they will need to get through to May 2018.

"We have a history of...

Assanatu Coopper
Assanatu Coopper

Assanatu worked with our Property and New Business team on a work experience placement for four weeks, after finding out about our opportunities at our Job Club. We caught up with her to discover how she found it.

How long have you been a Phoenix resident?


Simon Barlow
Simon Barlow

We feature a different Phoenix resident in each issue of Community News. Simon has been a Phoenix resident for seven years and is a new member of our Resident Scrutiny Panel. We spoke with Simon in March.

How long have you been a Phoenix resident?

I still live...

Community Links December 2016
Jonathan Lawn

There’s no colour and no sound. There’s nothing here.”

You know the kind of place I mean. You’ll have seen them from airport buses, or driving around the outskirts of cities. Home next to home, flat above flat, with nothing much else besides. A lonely takeaway. A bookies.

I work in...