David Rowson
Wednesday 3rd August 2022 - 14:19

Fire safety at Phoenix

David Rowson is a Fire Safety Consultant and has been supporting Phoenix with building and fire safety since July 2018. David has over 30 years’ experience in the fire service at London Fire Brigade and has worked alongside Grenfell residents following the tragedy in 2017. David shares how he has used his learning at Phoenix and what’s next for Phoenix.  

I started my journey with Phoenix in 2018 when I joined to improve Phoenix’s knowledge around building and fire safety. I think it’s important to start by saying that we’re really at the beginning of the beginning and while I’ve been working with Phoenix for four years, building and fire safety practices are continuously evolving and there’s always more work to do! 

That’s the case for all housing providers and is not something to be frightened about. It’s not just about homes being structurally safe or responding to changes in safety legislation. It’s about creating a culture and providing environments where residents are safe and feel safe.  

Part of my involvement with Phoenix has been around implementing changes in the construction and design of new developments. It’s also been about changing how people work and the processes at Phoenix. I’ve also worked closely with teams to improve how existing buildings are managed and Phoenix’s relationship with external contractors in relation to fire and building safety.  

Another part of my work has been around educating staff and residents. I’ve always been impressed with Phoenix’s resident-led model and I’ve had an involvement in ensuring that involved resident groups understand what the Building Safety Programme is and how they can have their say.  

It’s been a long journey and there’s still a lot to learn, but I’m confident that through working together, Phoenix are on the right path.  

There’s always opportunities to learn and if you’re a Phoenix resident who wants to find out more, please get in touch with Phoenix and they will point you in the right direction.