Monique Chang
Thursday 4th November 2021 - 12:12

Health and safety is everyone's responsibility

Phoenix resident, Monique Chang, recently joined the TPAS Health and Safety Week panel to educate others on the importance of involving residents in matters of health and safety. Monique encourages everyone to familiarise themselves with the safety procedures for their home and to always raise any questions or concerns.

My involvement with Phoenix started when I decided to enrol on the Phoenix Academy Level 1 course. I have always been interested in housing and the Academy was a great opportunity to explore this interest through my landlord.  

After completing level 1, I decided to enrol on Level 2 so that I could begin to explore topics in more depth. It was around this time that I was put forward by Marie, who manages the Academy, to talk on a panel about why resident involvement (particularly with health and safety) matters.  

I suppose, for me, involvement in issues of health and safety is something that should come naturally for everyone. I’ve always been conscious about health and safety procedures, because it helps you to feel safe and it benefits those around you. 

The Phoenix Academy is great if you want to learn more about specific policy and practices, but there are things that everyone can do and should do to manage risks at home. Involvement can be allowing access for your safety check, familiarising yourself with a fire escape route or taking the time to read your resident handbook.   

All the things we do, big and small, have an impact. I’d encourage everyone to get into the habit of assessing risks in their homes and to ask any questions if you’re not sure about something. Taking steps like testing your smoke alarm only takes a few minutes, but it could save your life. 

I’m looking forward to continuing my learning journey with the Phoenix Academy and I'm glad I've been able to share my experience with a wider audience at TPAS.  

Let’s all work together to keep each other and our community safe! 


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