Pierren Allen
Monday 25th July 2022 - 09:41

A new home and budding future

Pierre and his family became Phoenix residents in 2021 after living in cramped temporary accommodation. Pierre, his wife and children have been busy in their new garden and have entered this year’s Phoenix in Bloom competition. He’s also become a shareholder and has written about his experience with Phoenix. 

My wife, three children and I were living in temporary accommodation for two years. For a while we were all living in one room together before moving to a flat in lower Sydenham. It was an improvement but even then, to have two adults, three children plus two small dogs living together is tough. It is hard being all pushed in together and living on top of each other. We were bidding and bidding for a house then we finally got the call from Phoenix. We’d been offered a three-bedroom house with a garden!  

Even after all we’d been through, the thought of moving again was daunting. But then we saw the house and the kids were really excited as this is what they had been waiting years for. Phoenix have been amazing from the start. Any time we call if something is wrong, they are on hand to help. the people who deal with us are always helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure we are happy.  

Once we moved in and I had seen how Phoenix help their residents and the opportunities they give us, I wanted to get more involved.  

I had seen on the website that Phoenix were giving away free gardening kits and you could enter their gardening competition, Phoenix in Bloom. Having just moved into a house with a garden, I thought it would be great to do with the kids and they said they wanted to enter the competition. We picked up the kit and got going. I built a flower bed to plant the vegetables in, bought pots to put the flowers in and we repaired some of the paving and kids put in shells they’d collected as well as their handprints.  

The garden is a real family affair and it’s great for the kids to have a space to run around and play in. 

We’ve entered into this year’s competition – the kids are going for young gardener and the category for the free gardening kit, and we’ve entered for most improved 2022. Fingers crossed! 

Since moving in I’ve gotten to know my neighbours and other residents and one friend is a shareholder. They explained to me what it’s all about and encouraged me to get on board. I thought why not? I’m a resident I’d like to try and help in any way I can. I’m now a shareholder and am planning on joining the AGM in September where I’ll be able to vote on Phoenix’s next steps and actions. I’ve also managed to join the Gold Club and am looking forward to earning some points and getting the rewards in return.  

It’s all really exciting and new to me! The future is looking a lot better now that we’re settled in the area. I’m so grateful to have a permanent home and not be pushed from pillar to post. Now we can have a better future.