Carmen Simpson and Denise Fowler
Tuesday 30th May 2023 - 14:20

A smoother repairs service

The Phoenix Repairs Service was set up in 2015 after residents told us that they wanted a repairs service that was Phoenix owned and operated. After running as a subsidiary of Phoenix, the repairs service has now come fully inhouse, making it easier and smoother for staff to work collaboratively to provide you with the best repairs service possible.

We know that for our residents, the most important thing is having a home that is safe, warm and dry. As a resident-led organisation our biggest responsibility is to make sure that your home meets our quality standards.

Getting repairs done to that standard promptly and communicating with residents at all times is key to delivering a good service and in a timely fashion.

By bringing our repairs service fully in-house and collaborating as one organisation, our staff will be able to make each repair journey more efficient. We want to improve the process, from when you first get in contact to when the operative leaves your home.

We now want to work with residents to improve our service, making sure it is properly joined up and effective from a residents’ perspective.

While you have been complimentary about our repairs operatives and we have maintained good satisfaction  levels, we know that there is always room to improve.

This is an important milestone in our journey as we look towards the future. Our homes are our havens, our safe spaces, and by working as One Phoenix we can work together with you to create a place you’re proud to call home.

If you want to get involved or if you want to learn more about an area that interests you, please get in touch! Your voice matters.