Our performance

Learn more about how we manage our performance, our commitment to offering value for money and our latest resident satisfaction figures.

How we manage performance

At Phoenix, we are constantly striving to improve our services. 

To help us do this we measure costs and performance, look at resident feedback and satisfaction, and use the results to set our future plans.  

Our annual performance is also published every year in our annual report and statutory accounts. This highlights how we are doing against our standards, targets and promises. 


In May 2022, we moved to surveying 10% of residents every three months so that we can make changes to our services based on resident feedback. 

The surveys are carried out anonymously by phone on our behalf by an organisation called K-West.  

The surveys ask residents’ views on our overall service, our repairs service, health and safety, how we can improve, and the extent to which residents feel that we listen and act upon their views.  

The survey results go to our Board, Phoenix Gateway and Resident Experience Committee and form key indicators for our corporate plan. We use comments from residents to help with team planning and changes to our services.  

View our latest results for 2023-24

Our year to date results (up to end of December 2023) are below: 

The following shows the main trends in satisfaction for each quarter of 2023-24.

Value for money

Value for Money (VFM) at Phoenix means the delivery of our strategic objectives in the most cost-effective way possible: "balancing cost and quality in everything we do." 

The overall aim of our strategy is to set plans for delivering VFM gains so we can reinvest savings in providing new homes, our community and improving our services.  

Every year we produce a Value for Money Statement. This statement must set out how we meet the Value for Money Standard set by our regulator.    

The full statement is approved by our Board and included in our statutory accounts. We also include summary information in our annual reports