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Gender pay gap 2023

Updated: 4 April 2024 at 15:41pm

Phoenix is committed to ensuring that all of our staff feel included and valued, and that everyone is provided with the tools and support to help them reach their full potential. We are determined to tackle inequalities in all forms.

We are a housing association focused on our community in south Lewisham and want to ensure that our workforce is representative of that community across all protected characteristics.

Since 2018 we have voluntarily published gender pay gap information and since 2021 ethnicity pay gap through our annual Financial Statements.

After bringing our repairs service directly in house in April 2023, we now directly employ more than 250 people. That means we now have a new legal requirement to publish gender pay gap information based on the government’s snapshot date – for 2023 this is 5 April 2023.

What is the gender pay gap?

The gender pay gap measures the difference in the average hourly earnings of men and women within the organisation. It shows the mean average and the median average.

The mean figure is calculated from the combined salaries of all employees within each group, divided by the number of employees within each group. The median figure is based on the salary of the employee at the middle salary of each group – for example, the employee who has the 61st highest salary from a group of 121 or 122 staff.

Findings for April 2023

  • The mean gender pay gap was: -11.7%
  • The median gender pay gap was: -8.6%.

The minus figure shows that our female employees on average received more pay than male employees based on both the mean and median measures.

The following shows the proportion of male and female employees in each of our pay quartiles.

Quartile Men Women
Upper 46.7% 53.3%
Upper middle 41.9% 58.1%
Lower middle 53.2% 46.8%
Lower 68.8% 31.2%

All employees, both male and female, received a bonus payment in the 12 months up to the snapshot date.

  • The mean bonus pay gap was: 54.7%
  • The median bonus pay gap was: 0%.

The result reflects the over-representation of male employees in the former Phoenix Repairs Service, which operated a more substantial bonus scheme.

What are our plans for the future?

We are in the process of delivering an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan, approved by the Greater London Authority, that sets out how we will promote and embed equality, diversity and inclusion both as an employer and within our community.

We are reviewing bonus schemes as part of efforts to more closely align the rewards and benefits package for staff across all teams.

Our previous gender and ethnicity pay gaps have been based on data from January each year. From 2025 we intend to publish both gender and ethnicity gap reports based on the government’s April snapshot date.