Moving home

Social housing is in very high demand in the Phoenix area and across Lewisham. There aren't enough homes for everyone who wants one.

However, there are a number of schemes that can help you to find a new home. Use the links below to find out more about your options and what you need to do when moving out of your home.

Bid for housing

Lewisham Council runs a choice based lettings scheme, called Lewisham FindYourHome.

People can use FindYourHome to bid for empty homes owned by Phoenix, Lewisham Council and other housing associations.

If you would like to bid, you must first apply online by visiting the Lewisham FindYourHome website

You will then be given a priority banding based on your housing need. We will also give you a user ID so that you can bid for properties.

Moving to a smaller home

The government has introduced rules so that people receive less housing benefit if they have more bedrooms than they are assessed to need.

If you would like to move to a smaller home, we may be able to offer a cash incentive and help with your removals costs.

Contact us for more information.

Swapping your home

You can swap your home with another Phoenix tenant or a tenant of any council or housing association in the UK.

This is called a mutual exchange.

You can find potential tenants to swap with through the House Exchange website.

If you find someone to exchange with, please contact us for a mutual exchange form. We will then assess your request.

Before giving approval, a surveyor will inspect your home to check whether it needs any repairs or has any damage that you need to put right.

Moving out

If you want to end your tenancy, you must give at least four weeks notice in writing. This must state the day you intend to move out and give your forwarding address.

You are responsible for:

  • removing all your belongings
  • handing in your keys at our Phoenix office
  • paying any rent due
  • leaving the property and all fixtures and fittings in good condition.

If you don’t hand in your keys on time, you will be responsible for any additional rent.

If you give four weeks written notice and leave your home in a clean and tidy condition, you may be eligible for a Golden Goodbye payment after you have returned the keys to us.

Contact us for more information.