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Photo of residents and staff at the Phoenix Academy
Anne McGurk

We have launched a new strategy to engage and empower people in our community, which will see residents and staff working together to achieve our goals. Tenant and Chair of our Board Anne McGurk explains why.

Phoenix Community Housing is the offspring of resident action,...

Photo from Summer Fun at Bellingham Green of residents
Anne McGurk

Phoenix tenant and Chair of the Board, Anne McGurk, explains the importance of residents’ voices

Our wonderfully diverse community in Bellingham, Downham and Whitefoot is made up of individuals equally as wonderful. Some of us are struggling, and some of us are blossoming – but...

Board Chair Anne McGurk
Anne McGurk

Anne McGurk is Chair of the Phoenix Board and a retired head teacher. She is also a Phoenix tenant.

#HousingDay on Wednesday 10 October is a 24-hour social media-led celebration of the positive impact of social housing on millions of tenants. Now in its sixth year, the day...

The Chair of Phoenix's Board Anne McGurk sitting in front of a bookshelf in her living room
Anne McGurk

Anne McGurk is Chair of Phoenix’s Board and a retired head teacher. She is also a Phoenix tenant, in line with the resident-led structure which means tenants always hold its Chair and Vice-Chair positions.

In the fifth of our 10 Years Together blogs to celebrate a decade of...

Anne McGurk
Anne McGurk

"This time next year Lewisham will have a newly elected Mayor.

"As candidates for this role begin to set out their plans and canvas for support throughout the borough, we wish them all the energy and determination they will need to get through to May 2018.

"We have a history of...