Carmen Simpson
Wednesday 23rd August 2023 - 11:56

Use your voice to change things: Regulator of Social Housing consultation

As a resident-led organisation, you know that your views play an essential part in how we are run as an organisation – from mystery shopping, staff interview panels, customer journey mapping, focus groups, up to committee and Board membership, including the roles of Board Chair and Vice Chair.  

As you can see, amplifying residents' voices is at the heart of everything we do. We value your opinions and your views, and we are listening.

We're pleased that much more attention is now being given to residents' voices on a national level. The Regulator of Social Housing has launched a three-month consultation on four draft proposals to increase the accountability of landlords, like Phoenix, in providing services and safe homes for residents.

I encourage all Phoenix residents to take part in this consultation and support the Regulator in Social Housing in shaping policies that ensure that housing associations continue to provide homes and services that meet the needs of residents.

This is a great opportunity to influence decision makers within housing on how you want homes and services to be provided. If you would like to learn more about the draft proposals and give your views on the consultation, click here. Use your voice to change things!