Disrepair Claims

Updated: 19 February 2024 at 10:54am

We are receiving reports that residents are being contacted by solicitors specialising in disrepair and other cases related to housing. 

As a resident-led landlord, we are absolutely committed to keeping your home in good repair.

We understand that, at times, things can go wrong. When this happens, we want to work with you to agree on a resolution to put things right. We want you to enjoy your home, and we want to hear from you if things go wrong so that we can improve our services and ensure that lessons are learned to improve our services.

Solicitors specialising in disrepair will contact you via telephone, email, text and in person and advise you not to contact us or let us in to complete a repair in your home.

We ask all residents wishing to report an issue or make a complaint to contact us directly. You can make a complaint by phone, email, letter, via a representative or in person at any time. You can also email your complaint to complaints@phoenixch.org.uk.

You can also contact the Housing Ombudsman. You can call them directly on 0300 111 3000 or write to:

Housing Ombudsman Service

PO Box 152

Liverpool L33 7WQ

Email: info@housing-ombudsman.org.uk  

Find out more on the Housing Ombudsman website

What to do if you are contacted

If you think you have been targeted by one of these companies, please consider the things below:

  • Ask for ID if someone knocks on your door
  • Be cautious of suspicious texts, emails, and phone calls. Check to see if you recognise the name, email address or telephone number of the person contacting you. If you don't, block the number
  • Be alert to anyone asking for money or your bank details
  • Be wary of any links and attachments. Never enter your personal information, password, or bank details after clicking a link.
  • Contact the police if you don't feel safe.