Phoenix residents, help shape our approach to damp and mould!

Updated: 20 November 2023 at 10:32am

Our Resident Scrutiny Panel monitors and reviews how we’re performing to ensure we’re meeting our standards.   

The panel starts each year by picking topics to focus on based on things like resident satisfaction, feedback from residents at events or suggestions from our Board, Phoenix Gateway, and Phoenix staff. They then look closely at what we’re doing to check if things are working as they should be and make recommendations if things need to improve.   

We know our residents know best and the Resident Scrutiny Panel is just one of the ways that residents can have a real impact on our services.  

The future of Resident Scrutiny   

We’re now looking at ways to improve resident scrutiny at Phoenix and will be working with our Resident Scrutiny Panel and external experts to explore options for the future.  

In November 2022, we invited residents who had a negative experience with our complaints process to share their views. In response to their feedback, we launched a new Complaints Investigation Team and revised our Complaints Policy to improve our processes. As a result, we’re starting to see an increase in resident satisfaction with how we handle complaints.  

We now want to do a similar exercise with residents to find out about their experience of how we deal with damp and mould. The exercise will be overseen by our Resident Scrutiny Panel who will use the outcomes to shape their review of this service. 

If you would like to get involved in reviewing our approach to damp and mould, please contact or call 0800 0285 700.